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A Fallen Star's Tale
Here's my new lj:


Add me...

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Hey to all my peeps,

I'm creating a new lj for me because I have changed and some new have noticed it and some may have not. The name is innocenteyed, I hope all you add me onto your user lists as a friend. I will still use this one but mainly as a more personal and private one. See ya later, Tim

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Hey y'all.

This week has been good so far. I went to Barnes and Noble and bought xy Foto and THe Laramie Project Screenplay. I'm buying tickets tomorrow for Clark's Laramie Project. Work is going good. Calculus is ok, I had my Music midterm today, I think i did okay but not great. I'm gonna get ready for work. ttyl. Hope all is well.

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So many things have happened in the past few days. I've come to realize I hate Calculus and Accounting! I will probably fail both of these classes this quarter, no matter how hard I try because I just don't understand it. Also I think I'm gonna change my major, not sure what to though. Maybe something artsy. I'm know I'm good in those classes. Maybe something with Arts or Theater. I really need to talk to an advisor. Mom's birthday is the 21st. We're gonna have lunch tomorrow after i get out of class.

Another problem I have is Jessica. She's really on my nerves. She gets away with everything at work. Also I'm not gonna be her friend anymore because i don't agree with her morals. She gets beaten up by her boyfriend andpresses charges. Now, she is talking to the prosecutors about getting the charges reduced because the charges are wrong, suppposedly. Then yesterday at work she asked me what stephen and i were talking about when nichole was talking about her. I was like you don't want to know. She said yes she does. SO I told her, what stephen said and she was like it's good to see how your friends care about you. and she didn't talk to me for the rest of the night. although she talked to stephen, when he was the one talking bad about her and all i did was tell her the truth. I really don't care,anymore. Once June comes around I'll go look for a different job so I can get away from that little biatch. I'm just getting so tired of little miss Jessica getting away with all the stuff she gets away with and the other employees get blamed for it. The thing i don't understand is that how come the Mangaer isn't doing anything about it. He notices that Jessica doesn't do her job, she doesn't do half of her closing duties. I see why Katie was glad to get out of Home Electronics. Anywho, I'm done talking about her because all she does is make me mad. I'll be sad when I get a new job because I'll miss working with Yvonne and Karen.

Also I saw the texas chainsaw massacre(new one). it was gorier than the first one and was a little different. I still think the first one is scarier. When Jessica Biel was in the Furnice room and did that thing to her friend I teared up. (I'm being very vague here because i don't want to give it away.) Also I watched Stand By Me for the first time ever. That movie is now my favorite drama movie. River Phoenix was great. I think on Halloween I'm gonna have a river phoenix marathon if I don't work. Gotta listen to my Zanna Don't sondtrack some more, it's really good. Night, Tim

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School is craptacular. Work is good. John's coming home for the weekend. Texas Chainsaw Massacre came out today, gonna see it on Sunday. That's all. Oh, I really want to get in a relationship soon. Cheers. Tim

Ps I still didn't get Zanna Don't soundtrack, hopefully in the mail today.

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A couple more days and I'll get my Zanna Don't soundtrack! I can hardly wait. Jason came over tonight after work and we watched Final Destination 2. That movie still gives me the creeps. Anywho, I got to go to sleep, I have class at 9 till 11. No work tomorrow, although the parents are coming over so I need to take down my gay related material on the walls cause i don't want to kill them from the shock considering they're still in denial and all. I've had this song stuck in my head ever since Scott played it a couple nights ago and said he'd want it to be played at his funeral when he dies. It's a beautiful song, it makes me want to see the rose movie, although i've never seen it. Night all....

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Current Music: Bette Midler-The Rose

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I'm back! I got set up with internet and am glad to be out on my own. I have monday and thursday off this week. A lot has happened since I last posted. I went to the hockey game and actually enjoyed it-I was 5 rows from the ice. I went to Fantasy with my roommates. Bought porn. Watched porn. Started school. Accounting is a son of a bitch. The teacher is a evil spawn of Satan! And in my Calculus class I sit next to the cutest most innocent boy, his name is Yancey. On my second day of college, I saw Peter, if you don't remember he was the ballet punk kid that was in my speech class that gave me a rose. Well, I sent him a email and what happened this summer about my brother outing me and all. He never wrote me back and when I pasted him in the hall he didn't even look at me. What an ass, this boy is definitly a closet case but fine with me. The worst part of it was that he didn't even say hi. Oh well, I'll move on and find love elsewhere.

Also I tried some alcohol since I've moved out. I've had a shot of vodka and a bottle of ZIMA. I liked the vodka better than the ZIMA cause the ZIMA gave me a bitter face at the end of each swig.

All in all I think moving out is really gonna change me for the better. And too all my friends I'll invite you over to my place sometime; if I forget, just ask. Okay? well I need my beauty sleep for work tomorrow. I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow, aight?

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So here i am typing the last entry till i move into my apartment. Tomorrow I'm calling Msn to cancel my account. Here's what I have planned until then:
Sunday-Hang out with Scott.
Monday-College Starts.
Wednesday-Hockey game with Sabrina.
Thursday-Back to Work.
Friday-Work and get check.
Saturday-Call Apartments and tell them when i can do final walkthrough and get lease paper.
The 30th-Start moving in stuff.
The 1st of October-Finish moving in.Start unpacking.Hopefully get most of it done. Pay rent!
The 2nd-Bleach my hair hopefully.

That's about what i have planned. Sometime after I get moved in I'm inviting a couple people over, like Sabrina, Nichole, Jessica, yet another Nichole, maybe Jason, Heather when she ever backs back into town, and maybe a couple more not sure yet.

Oh! some guy at work (an employee's husband called me a fag! (not to my face, even worse. although he was supposedly said it was a joke) Here's the jest of the conversation:
Stephen-Do you like Radiohead?(to customer)
S-i do,too but this kid (points to me, while I'm helping a customer) doesn't
c- that's because he's a fag

Stephen came over to me and told this to me after the purchase was done. I can't believe this. What dumb ignorant people. I'm pretty sure there are gay people who like Radio head and some straight people that like it. After Stephen told me this, I told him he should have said, 'but i like it. so that can't be the reason.' GOD! some people are assholes sometimes. I told Clark and he was in shock from the behavior this employee's husband had. I think he's gonna talk to the employee. Anywho, ten days and i'll be on my own for a while. Shiloh comes back to the couve about the same time. I believe he comes home on the 29th with Scott. More to come after I get settled in. If you want to get a hold of me, just send a message to my cell phone. You can access it on my information page here. I'll catch up on your lives soon. toodles...

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My journal says I'm 66% feminine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

I guess I'm a girl...I know I'm in touch with my feelings and all but lj didn't need to call me one.

Work...what can I say about work. Blah sums it up. oh and crazies. 11 more days till i get to leave. tomorrow is going to be my last post till i get settled in. so everybody. leave lots of comments, k? ttyl.

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